Friday, April 17, 2009

My Town Photo Shootout - Local restaurants, food and watering holes

Dean Michael's Griddle House is a great local restaurant which specializes in breakfast and lunch. This photo of the exterior was taken back in December when we had our annual Christmas breakfast with our friends Candy and Norm. It was one of those postcard perfect winter mornings.
This past Monday morning Geoff and I went to Dean Michael's for breakfast and I had the Radical Raisin - raisin french toast, fresh fruit and just about the best bacon you can find anywhere. This is the sort of brekkie that tides you over until at least dinner time.

One of the longest running eating establishments in Woodstock is Mel's Fish and Chips. Mel's started out as Robinson's in 1929 and has been under 5 different ownerships since then.

They serve delicious seafood - we stop in there about once a month - but they're also known for the distinct paintings/murals on their walls.

I did an entry on another of the murals in February, you can find it here.

I didn't take a photo of the food there tonight, there's always the next time..... Besides there's a large mural there that I still haven't featured - have to wait until I have just the right light.

I didn't get around to a local watering hole, maybe another time for that too.

If you check out Patty's blog, you'll find out all about "My Town Photo Shootout". Thanks to Patty and Reggie Girl for being the instigators for all this fun!


  1. OH MY GAWD - what a breakfast - makes my 3 crackers (agua & Sal or water and salt crackers) with my neat little square of fresh cheese, fruit and coffee look downright sparten. how are the doves this morning?

  2. I want that breakfast RIGHT NOW! Love all that snow. You are right about it being a picture postcard. Those paintings add such character, so charming. Great place.

  3. Hi Ginger and Gigi, thanks for dropping by! That's about a once a month breakfast - I'm normally a bowl or cereal or homemade smoothie person.

    The dove chicks seem to be doing just fine. They will be fledging soon so I hope the overnight temperatures will start to warm up. Poor wee things!

  4. I LOVE French Toast, and am always looking for that perfect French Toast breakfast! Thank-you for reminding me that I haven't had a good one in quite a while!

  5. Yikes! That is one big breakfast! That would hold someone over until the next day.

    Love the fish and chips restaurant. I like a place with history.

    That last mural is beautiful. Never mind the light. That is my kind of painting.

    Thanks for the tour of Woodstock.

    See you next week. Open subject!

  6. Welcome to our "Friday Shoot-Out" gang Miz Elaine Dale!! Wow, that breakfast and the Radical Raisin looks...radical!! My kind of food right there nice lady.
    Isn't this just the best way every to meet people and see their towns?
    I love it.......I absulutely love doing this and I hope that more and more people jump aboard for the fun.
    Take good care and......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  7. That breakfast looks soooooo yummy. I would love that right about now! I too love french toast.

  8. My wife cooks a nice breakfast like that every time we have overnight company. Fortunately that is pretty often.
    How long before we can have Mourning Dove under glass? I can taste it already! Just remember, you can't use profanity on this blog.
    It is good to have you with us. Enjoyed your pics. Gordon

  9. My wife cooks a nice breakfast like that when we have overnight company. Fortunately we have friends over quite a bit, or I would just starve. I only weigh
    135 lbs. X 2.
    When are we having Mourning Dove under glass? Yum! Yum! Hey! There's no cussing on this blog!
    Thanks for joining us.
    Enjoyed your pics.
    Walk With Faith

  10. That's a breakfast of the champions right there! I'm new to the shoot out too, it's a great idea and i'm just loving everyone's take on the theme.

  11. Whoa, that is an amazing Breakfast! I want to eat some of those Fresh Fruit! That Breakfast is enough to boost someone for a day!