Sunday, April 5, 2009

The other story

As I mentioned in my post about Toronto yesterday, there was a great panoramic view of Queen Street from the corridor outside our hotel room. I could see City Hall, Old City Hall, streetcars, chip vans, Winston Churchill and people scurrying to and fro in the very heavy rain. One thing I didn't bargain for was this shot, yet I felt compelled to take it.

I live in a very small city and the homeless are not as obvious as they are in a city the size of Toronto. There are people who live and die on the streets all over the world and for almost as many reasons as there are individuals. Outside the Church of the Holy Trinity you will find this Memorial to men, women and children who have died on the streets of Toronto.
The 550 names on this list are people who are known to have died on the street since 1985.
Holy Trinity is a lovely old building and the church gears its outreach to the homeless and needy as well as the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. It is in a very unique location, tucked in behind the mamoth Eaton Centre but manages to maintain its charm.

Cousin Deborah and I visited Holy Trinity last July and found it to be a lovely peaceful sanctuary, here is a photo from that day.

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  1. Beautiful church. I used to photograph the homeless in several states in my old newspaper days.

    That memorial is so nice.