Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Curiosity and the cat

While we were watching tv last night there was a bit of a clatter just outside the livingroom. Geoff turned the hall light on to see what was up and it was Gray - up a ladder in fact. Apparently he decided to see how close he could get to the dove nest and the fact that we'd left the ladder in the hall after changing light bulbs figured into his plan very nicely.

It's a good thing he's an indoor cat and the nest is outside the window above the front door.
Life's never dull in this house......


  1. Oh but cats can jump very high and far! Thanks for your visit and your comment, which I answered on my blog!

  2. how wonderful and two brilliant photos - Judith

  3. Wil, you're correct can jump high and far but, in this case, he climbs the ladder

  4. I LOVE the first photo!!

    Once again, I'm loving your coverage of the Mourning Doves' nest. I'll have to keep checking back for more :)