Saturday, January 3, 2009

a walk in the country

On our way from London to Tavistock via Braemar Road today I took this drive-by shot (Geoff was driving) of three people and a dog walking a snow-covered farm field. I've decided that it was a father and his two teenagers out for a stroll with Rover or Fido or Maggie.....


  1. hahaha It's good to let the imagination run wild. A fantastic shot but one I must admit I'd rather look at than actually be in - too cold!! :)

    Nigel and I are going away for a few days this evening but hopefully will still be on line. We are staying in Broadstairs, my favourite location, Hastings and Eastbourne - all along the coast.
    Did you see, by the way, that I nominated you for a ward about 3 or 4 days ago?

    Take care, Judith

  2. That is perfect for the photo. It looks like a photo I took of my daughter walking her two dogs around the house in the country they are renting...Happy Weekend Eliane...