Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thistle Theatre - Dancing in Poppies

Thistle Theatre of Embro is staging Dancing with Poppies January 30th and 31st and to quote the professional critic/reviewer I'm married to:

"Even when they're confronted by the daunting assignment of tackling a work of such depth - both in plot and characterization - the three member cast never wavers. Such poise and confidence are rare commodities even in professional circles, much less amateur ranks."

Based on the novella 1919: The Love Letters of George and Adelaide, Dancing in Poppies examines the physical, emotional and spiritual damage inflicted by war.

Geoff and I saw the play opening night last Friday, January 23rd and his review was in The Ingersoll Times yesterday, January 28th.

It's a wonderful night out and the ambience of the Embro Town Hall and the refreshments provided by the local Girl Guides added to the experience. Support local theatre - go to see Dancing in Poppies. A word of caution though, bring a tissue or two.


  1. looks like a very beautiful play..I wish I have here this theatre :(
    thanks for the advise, I will buy the novella,
    happy weekend,

  2. You should be writing a travel blog. Very nice!

  3. well anything with poppies in has to be good!! I just love an open field full of wild poppies or to see them growning along the road... take care, Judith