Monday, January 19, 2009

That's My World

This is the Grand River as it flows through Paris, Ontario. This photo was taken in June 2007 on a day when my friend and I were there puttering in and out of the shops (like Chocolate Sensations) and having lunch. Paris is a short 25 minute drive from Woodstock and the Grand River flows 300 kilometres through southwestern Ontario from the highlands of Dufferin County to Port Maitland on Lake Erie.

If you'd like to peek at more interesting destinations, visit That's My World . Thanks again to Klaus Sandy Ivar Wren Fishing Guy Louise.


  1. That looks so beautiful and peaceful...your photo is lovely!

    Thanks for the reminder ~ I totally forgot that is was an "That's My World" day. :)

  2. Great photo!
    Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us!!
    Take care.

  3. A warm summer memory! Nice post!

  4. I'd like to be rowing in that boat right now!

  5. Such a soothing plce, you can hear the insects hummng going with the flow or paddling upstream.