Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stormy weather at the feeders

Well, we're having our second winter storm in three days. Oh joy. I does look pretty but it should come with elves to clear the walkway, sidewalk, around our car ...... This weather also means standing room only at our two bird feeders. These five little guys waited patiently in the little willow tree for their turn. I call this tree "Tori's Willow". About six or seven summers ago, our next door neighbour Tori, who was around 12 years old at the time, gave me a stem of pussy willow which she had nurtured in a jar of water outside the back door. "Plant it in the Secret Garden!" she said. "Don't be too disappointed if it doesn't take," I replied. Lo and behold, it "took" with a vengance and all these years later I keep it trimmed to a height of about six feet. Along with the stems of our Butterfly Bush it serves as way station for sparrows, juncos, chicadees, blue jays and the occasional nuthatch as they go to and from our two bird feeders.


  1. Same here...We must have about 14 inches of snow now...

  2. Birds make for wonderful Ornaments within Nature.