Saturday, December 27, 2008

Skywatch Friday

This is how foggy it was for our drive from Buffalo, New York to Woodstock, Ontario today - at other times it was much worse. This shot was taken just outside of Hamiltion, Ontario. A very, very mild day for December in this part of Canada.
This "waterfall" of fog was on the escarpment as we drove up through Hamilton.
A less foggy scene alongside Highway 403 near Brantford.


  1. That looks like the view our my window. We are southeast of Buffalo. Yucky weather...

  2. oh that feels like home!! we get mornings like that when I can't even see across the road to my neighbours - spooky!! but also quiet beautiful. trust all is well with you? Judith

  3. Cool photos!Your photos looks really frosty!You have so much snow!Crazy weather!

  4. great the fog.
    greetings from beautiful botetourt county virginia.