Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...but where will we put it?!

We already had lots (LOTS, do you hear me?!) of snow for it to be a white Christmas. This morning we woke to find a further 20cm (8inches) had fallen overnight. Add to that the fact that by morning it had switched to rain and you have a ton of snow that now weighs a ton. Our next door neighbour Don and his dog Nitrous were out early with the snowblower, trying to make some sense of the mess. God bless him.
In the meantime Geoff was trying to clear enough snow off the car for us to be able to get in so he could drop me off at work. God bless him too.
This is another shot of the house across the street from my office. If you check my entry from yesterday, you'll see that the red bows on the railing at the front of the house are slowly getting buried. I have no idea who lives in this house but it is immaculate in summer or winter. Another God bless.


  1. oh dear. have a snowy holidays. anyways, have a blessed christmas to you and your love ones... from my islands to yours.

  2. wow what a lot of snow :0 is this usual weather for you?

  3. We woke up this morning with more snow in our already snowy world too. And the forecast is switching to rain for part of this week too. It's been nice having a winter wonderland for a change here along the coast of WA State. Happy Holidays

  4. Wow. It looks lovely from far, far away. But I'm sure, if I was in your place I'd probably be complaining by now.

    I love the snow falling on your blog, though. Where? How? I'm amazsed. Lovely.

    Merry Christmas! And hopefully you won't be getting any more snow now.

  5. Thank you for the snow! It doesn't look as cool on my blog because the background is white-ish but still - it's snowing now! :-)