Saturday, November 29, 2008

November in review

When I realized today that my November 2008 photo file now contains 536 images, I decided to post a few that I haven't shown before to wind down the month.

This first photo was taken Sunday morning, November 2nd on Clark Road between Woodstock and Ingersoll. A farm field where the corn had been harvested and a nearby tree cast it's shadow - there's even a bit of my shadow in the bottom left corner. This gate is residential rather than rural, it's located on a street near the office and by the look of the leaves the City's leaf sucker brigade hadn't been by yet. Actually it's a "leaf vacuum truck" and very efficient (but very noisy) at sucking up the leaves the good citizens of Woodstock rake to the curbs. I still like the nickname "leaf sucker" better. The first touch of winter on the rooftop of a neighbour's house - I love the steely grey of the sky and the scattered leaves left on the tree. The first frozen pond photo of the season! We've been driving past this mini windmill at the end of a farm drive-way for years. Is it a family originally from the Netherlands? Is it/was it used by their children as a bus shelter while waiting for their school bus in the winter? I think I need to ask around to see if anyone knows this Oxford County story.

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  1. Oh, you guys have snow! We don't. :(

    I love the photo of the gate, the colours of the leaves are great against the grey of the gate.