Friday, October 17, 2008

While waiting in the drive-thru line at Tim Hortons

I know, I know - really I do know that drive-thrus are not good for the environment but about twice a month - for Ice Caps in warm weather or Mochas in cool/cold weather - I use the drive-thru at Tim Hortons at 942 Dundas Street here in Woodstock. As most of you know, I have my camera with me 99% of the time so, no small wonder, I had it with me this morning when I was in the conga line heading towards my cafe mocha. As I was turning the corner towards the order thingy (what are they called?!) I was dazzled by the sunrise through the trees. This photo is not my ususal quality but it was shot through the windshield of a moving car......while I still had one hand on the steering wheel - not to be tried on an open highway.
When I left Tim's I headed to the parking lot at Woodstock Print and Litho on Springbank and took these two photos. Then it was off to work time.

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  1. OOOh! that second last picture of the sun rising is awesome.