Thursday, October 23, 2008

The view from here

Some might envy me for the fact that I work in an office with a window. I see their point. Just the slightest right turn of my head and I have daylight. My office happens to be on the east side of the building so I get the morning light and all its joys and sorrows - the one thing it rarely is, is boring.

As Geoff was driving me to work this moring we both noted how ominous the sky appeared. It was 7:30 so the sun wasn't long up, and it's presence was barely visible.

As soon as I unlocked my office door I got my camera out and started shooting, being careful to leave the lights off and closing the door to the lighted hallway behind me.

The crows were out in force as well. Maybe not enough of them to be considered a "murder" of crows but they were making lots of noise.The sky eventually turned to a uniform dull grey but by lunch time it was a beautiful, sunny fall day.

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