Thursday, October 16, 2008

Signs of the season

One sign of the season - I always enjoy going to the Saturday morning Farmer's Market here in Woodstock, ON but I have two favorite market days during the year.

Thanksgiving weekend market is one and , as this is a good 5 weeks before Thanksgiving south of the border, we have reasonable odds of having nice weather to enjoy strolling around among the vendors in the sunshine. This past weekend we had incredible weather for the holiday - upwards of 23-25C each day.

The other Market day I love is the one on the last Saturday before Christmas - more about that in December.
Another sign of the season - Thanksgiving weekend was also the last weekend of the season for the Oxford Drive-in on Highway 2, just west of Woodstock. Late June through most of July it's usually around 9:30 before it's dark enough for the first movie to start, last Saturday the box office opened at 7:30 and we were home (after fries and one movie) by 10pm.
Sign number three - fall/Halloween decorations in shop windows. The Little Book Shoppe on Dundas moved earlier this year and is now at the west end of Dundas just across the street from Mel's Fish and Chips. I haven't been in the store since the move but the new store front and the interior (as seen by peeking in the window Sunday evening) look really inviting. They have adorable scarecrows and pumpkins in the window.

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  1. I love the picture of the veggies at the farmer's market. Methinks I shall have to look for some of my own signs of the season....hmmmm.