Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Travelling companions

My good friends and co-workers, Jayne and Hilary, were more than a little ticked that I had the opportunity to go to Lake Placid on a business trip with Geoff while they were at our RSA Annual Conference. Fortunately their antics have been good natured - Jayne directing me to "talk to the hand" whenever the topic of the trip came up and Hilary pleading (rather pathetically) to come with us to carry luggage or cameras. So, I decided they could travel with me in compact Flat Stanley kinda way. So here, in a section of a photo from Hilary's wedding, are Hil and Jayne riding along with us to Lake Placid - they were unusually quiet during the drive....

Friday morning they joined us for breakfast in the Sentinel Range at High Peaks Resort.

Here's more of what we saw together -

the view from our room

our nosey duck neighbours

the fireworks over Mirror Lake

one of the boathouses we saw from our boat tour of Lake Placid

another modest boat house - remember, this is not the cottage (or camps as they're known here) , this is just for the boats....

The torrential rain we were having turned to sleet for a few minutes.

the girls really enjoyed the boat ride, we had a window seat....

The final trip Hilary and Jayne took with us was to the top of Little Whiteface Mountain via gondola. The visibility was 70 miles and the temperature was 34F - the girls were a little under-dressed for the occasion. Not me, note the winter coat and earmuffs!

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