Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A two hawk day

Driving to and from the office in London I saw two hawks on each leg of the journey. In fact, I think it was the same two hawks going and coming. One in a tree on the north side of Oxford Street in London, just west of Crumlin Road and the other on a farm just west and north of the Oxford Drive-in.
above - the Oxford Street Red-Tailed Hawk, this one was in this tree at 8:50 am and again at 1:35 pm
the Drive-in neighbourhood Red-Tailed Hawk, this one was on a hydro pole this morning and this afternoon it was on a hydro pole two away from where it was this morning. As I pulled on to the shoulder of the road to take a photo it flew well in from the road and landed on this bale of wheat stalks.

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  1. They are very regal looking birds. T can see why you are so taken with spotting them.