Monday, July 28, 2008

Right church, wrong pew

I've often heard the expression "right church, wrong pew" but this time I think it should be "right church, different pew". Just over a week ago we had a visit from one of our previous nesting mourning doves. It settled on the ledge where the nest had been but flew off in a huff about half an hour later. Since then I've felt they were still near by but didn't have proof until tonight. We have two pots of Ivy Geranium hanging below the gingerbread trim on the veranda and, when I want to check to see if they need watering, I lift the bottom of the planter to see if it feels light weight (dry). Tonight the one nearest the front door was very light so I lifted it off the hook and watered it. I started to do the "lift" test with the second planter and got an indignant cooing and flutter of wings as Mama dove flew out from the center of the ivy. I lifted the planter down long enough to see the two wee eggs in the middle of the pot and hastily put it back on the hook. So, we seem to have our boarders back.

The nest is located in this planter (below), which is a little deja vu as this planter is directly above the spot.....

where the last babies fledged - as seen in this photo, taken on May 31st.

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  1. I love the picutre of the mourning dove peeking out of the geraniums. Hope all goes well this time.