Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weathering a storm

We were more than a little concerned on Sunday afternoon when we discovered that the eggs were alone in the nest - no June or Ward keeping them warm. Fortunately, it was an extremely muggy afternoon so they may have stayed warm enough in the absence of a parent. Shortly after I climbed a ladder and took this photo through the rather smudged transom window, June showed up and settled down for the night. Each of the eggs is roughly an inch long. She settled down just in time as this is a shot Geoff took of the sky a few minutes later. It looks as though one pair of birds decided to wait for the storm on the wires....didn't seem too wise at the time. We ended up with rain, hail, flying branches and lots of thunder and lightening. Fortunately the Cleaver's nest is tucked well away from the weather. We're anticipating that this brood may hatch around June 16th or 17th.

1 comment:

  1. You're really going to miss the Cleavers when they are finished hatching youngens. Heck i'm going to miss them too!