Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stratford Shakespeare Festival - Opening Week 2008

Monday, May 27th was Opening Night for the 2008 season of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Opening Night includes the parade of the Perth Police Pipe Band (above, approaching the theatre grounds), a red carpet, and some celebrity guests. I didn't take any show photos (a BIG no no) or celebrity photos, with the exception of this one of one of the Watson's Bazaar house cats - they're known far and wide.
The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop has this delightful resident bear and each year he's dressed to reflect one of the Festival productions. This year he's paying homage to The Music Man.
When we came out of the Avon from seeing Cabaret on Thursday night (fabulous show) we were greeted by this stilt walker - she was twirling flaming batons! The Stratford City Hall clock tower is lit up in the background.
Last but not least, there were two Belly Dancers (left)performing by the War Memorial Thursday evening. They were probably late teens or early twenties and had attracted a group of early teen boys on their bicycles (right).

It was a great week and Geoff is hard at work finishing his reviews and catching up on work that was put on the back burner for the week.

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing Stratford...and you too of course. Nice pictures.