Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It was the summer of '65

I know that's a song title but, honestly, this was taken the summer of '65 in Shediac, New Brunswick. I'm guessing Dad took the photo, as he's not in it.

back row l-r: my cousin Sonia (Howe) Bradshaw, moi, my darling Aunt Daisy
middle: cousin Deborah, my Mom and Uncle Cec
and the wee darling in the front is my brother Rob, age 7 at the time

My Dad was a summer student at the Institute of Technology in Moncton and we stayed at this cottage in Shediac. At the time Dad taught welding at the then Vocational School in Corner Brook and summer school was an opportunity to fine tune his teaching skills. Two summers later he taught at the same Institute and we spent the summer at a cottage in Caissie Cape.


  1. Well this certainly brought back a flood of memories. remember the minah bird that would wolf whistle at the girls heading down to the beach? I also remember rob eating the peanuts we used to put out for the squirrles. I love looking at these old pictures.

  2. I have just finished sorting out a couple hundred old pictures that Kelly scanned from Mom's and Nanny's old albums. Let me say that we are related to some verrrry interesting people!