Thursday, June 26, 2008

for Ron and Norm

Some of my earliest childhood memories go back to my Uncle Ron, my mother's youngest brother. Like me, Uncle Ron was a teenager when his mother (my grandmother, Effie Sturge) died. When my parents married he moved to Corner Brook to live with them and by the early sixties had married Norma Penney and started his own family. This photo of baby Janice, their first born, Norm, my Mom and Ron appears to have been taken during a birthday party at our house on Premier Drive.

Ron and Norm would come to our house on Saturday nights to watch hockey on tv. They were big fans of the Leafs and the Corner Brook Royals. Many an night I dozed off to sleep to the sound of Norm whooping it up when the Leafs had scored.


  1. I love this stroll down memory lane. Ron and Norm didn't change much over the years did they!

  2. They sure didn't. They lived next door on Glen Haven Blvd for a few years and were great neighbours. I remember eating supper with them several times during the summer that Mom was in hospital in St. John's -- I particularly remember a really good meal of halibut! What an interconnected world our parents had.