Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family resemblance

This photo of myself, cousin Deb , and Judy Philpott was taken at Square Pond Park in the early sixties. Even though Deb had her bathing cap jammed on pretty tight, the resemblance between her and my niece Sarah, when she was little, is astonishing. Of course I don't have an old photo of Sarah at the ready, but Deb and some other family members will be able to see it.

When we were kids, Square Pond Park was part of the network of Provincial Parks in Newfoundland. I believe it's privately owned now. I have fond memories of our family camping there with Deb's, my grandparents, the Philpotts and Ralph and Dot Wight.


  1. I always thought rob's Sarah looked like me when I was young. This picture is a good example. what is it with me and pulling hats down over my eyes....

  2. I forgot all about Ralph and Dot Wight until this. Almost all those beautiful provincial parks are private now. What a waste.