Saturday, May 17, 2008

A milestone in Vegas

When we started thinking about how to mark our 25th wedding anniversary on May 14th, Geoff said "how about Las Vegas?" Enroute to the very hot city we flew over the snow capped Rockies.I'd never been to Vegas and Geoff's visit 17 years ago was to a city that looked very different than it does today. Few of the current hotels existed in '91 and the ones that did have changed a lot. We talked with Lisa, our travel agent at Robert Q here in Woodstock and we decided on the MGM Grand. This modest kitty graces the lobby.

Not exactly a modest lobby, this is the registration desk.

I think it was rather appropriate that we met a newly married couple from Louisiana in the casino in the Grand our first evening there.
We also met with Sean, son of our friends Terry and Nancy. We had two cans of Quebec maple syrup for Sean from his parents and he had two tickets for Spamalot for us.
My first (but not last) go at the slots. The slots won.
Some geological trivia on the area: The valley is a broad sedimentary basin at the southern end of the Basin and Range tectonic province, composed primarily of alluvial deposits weathered out of the mountains that surround the valley. The valley is geographically bounded by the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon to the west, Frenchman Mountain and Lake Mead to the east, the McCullough Range to the south, and the Sheep and Las Vegas ranges to the north. At least eight faults lie beneath the valley. The hills seem a little surreal in the desert light.

How many times have I seen this pose in the past 25 years?!
If you look carefully, you'll see Seigfried and Roy lurking in the shrubbery.
The interior of The Venetian - and a blurry tourist.
The phrase "Disneyland for adults" sure rings true.


  1. Wow! some great pictures. You must be in Culture shock now that you are back home! Nothing like this in Corner Brook or Woodstock.

  2. Holy Smokes, this was a whirlwind. Tom Jones -- who'd a thunk it? I'll tell you who would've loved it -- Sophie!