Saturday, May 17, 2008

Las Vegas - it's in the details

This you'd have to see to believe. What appears to be a photograph on the mirror over the bathroom vanity in our room, is actually a television. I kid you not. You can check out Al Roker and the weather while you dry your hair.
This modest set up is in the ladies restroom at the MGM Grand Casino. You can feel rich even if you're not winning at the slots.
This detail is from the covered driveway at Treasure Island.....just in case you look up as you're getting out of your limo.
In retrospect, this Tonga Toast from The Rainforest Cafe looks gross. Trust me when I say it didn't taste gross. Cinnamon French Toast with strawberries, banana and bacon. Yum!
These details aren't outrageous, just sublime. The on/off dimmer switches for the tubular lights on the night stands were on the top outside corners of the padded leather headboard.

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