Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The biggest little concert in Oxford County

Last night we attended a private, in-home concert by Lennie Gallant of Rustico, Prince Edward Island. He is touring in our area and was performing at the home of Ted and Sherry Comiskey in Ingersoll. Geoff knows Ted so we were lucky enough to find out about it and we invited my friend Maureen to join us. Thirty people attended the concert in the beautiful home "pub" that Ted and Sherry have in their basement. Lennie was accompanied by Brad Davidge (originally from Gander, now Halifax) and they were joined for a couple of numbers by Lori Anna Reid a singer originally from St. John's but now living in Toronto. What a night!
A simply amazing evening of enterainment.

Here are some of Geoff's photos from the event.

l-r Lori Anna Reid, Lennie Gallant and Brad Davidge

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  1. How cool is that! A private Lennie Gallant concert. I love the picture of you as a little imp you've added to your blog! Some things never change.