Thursday, January 17, 2008

View from my office window

Monday, January 7th I was working quietly at my desk when one of my co-workers, Maureen, touched my shoulder and said "look out your window and see what Ronalee just spotted". Lo and behold, right here in the middle of the city, this little stinker (red tailed hawk) was sitting on top of a hydro pole surveying his surroundings. The shot above was taken at 10x optical zoom, the shot below was taken with digital zoom. I haven't seem him since.

Another month or so and it will be breeding season for Red Tails. To see some truly remarkable photos of R-Ts check out this website: , you'll be amazed.

Geoff and I now keep a log book in the glove box of the car to document the hawk sightings we make on our travels. I started by recording the date, where we were travelling and the total number of hawks (and occasional deer) we saw while driving around southwestern Ontario. He, however, has raised the bar to new heights by recording where the sighting was made (ie. 6km east of Woodstock, left side of the road).

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