Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hawk watching

The Red-Tailed Hawk in the photo above was sitting very nicely on the crossbar of the hydro pole until we pulled up so I could take a photo. So folks, this is an arse end view of the majestic bird. This photo was taken October 20th on the Embro road, just north of Highway 2.
The photos immediately above and below were taken May 19th on the north side of Highway 2. The hawk was nicely cooperative long enough for me to get the shot above and then flew off.
This past Saturday driving from Woodstock to Tillsonburg and then to London we spotted 9 hawks and 13 on the return trip from London to Woodstock. Geoff dislikes fall as that means winter (which he hates) is following close behind. Now that he's hooked on hawk spotting, as I have been for some time, he dislikes these two seasons a little less. I'm sure these great creatures are around in the same abundance in the spring and summer but the foliage on the trees makes them harder to spot.

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