Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Little troopers

Photo by Elliot Ferguson of the Sentinel-Review (Woodstock, ON)
After our break-in at home last Monday, I was hoping for a quiet, uneventful Monday this week. Didn't happen. The building I work in on the hospital property is just in from a corner with a bad history for accidents. About 8:45 Monday morning a truck ran the stop sign and was hit by a school bus and then that truck hit another truck. Nine of the 22 children on the bus require minor medical attention (bumps and bruises) and I ended up spending part of my morning in Emerg with 7 year-old Claudia.
The photo above was taken by a former colleague of Geoff's. The woman and the man kneeling next to her are co-workers of mine, Maureen Roberts and Al Fewster. Their adventure for the day was riding to school on the replacement bus with the children who weren't injured. I think we were all inspired by the brave little troopers. Not a lot of tears and many were more worried about their driver and the "man stuck in his truck".
We're hoping for a less eventful day next Monday.

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