Saturday, August 18, 2007

A bit of everything

Well, we've seen our token moose and, thankfully, from a safe distance - we were in the car and he wasn't colliding with it. This was taken on Route 431 just north of Rocky Harbour on Friday, August 17th.
Deb and I took a hike along the Coastal Trail which passes along the side of Baker's Brook. This guy was having a leisurely afternoon trying to entice a salmon - any salmon to come ashore.
Western Brook inlet trail.

A serene moment at Lomond.

A view from the Tablelands trail.
Looking down the shore from the deck of Jane and Jerome Jesseau's wonderful home. Deb and I were priviledged to stay in their lovely old home while we were in Woody Point to attend two sessions of the "Writers at Woody Point" event. Speaking of which, we had a wonderful time! The intimacy of the setting of the Woody Point Heritage Theatre and the quality of the readings and music created an experience like no other. Stephen Brunt, Rose Dewhirst, Charlie Payne et al have created a masterpiece, they are to be commended.
Our lodging whilst in Woody Point, it doesn't get much better than this.

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